The locals’ business and lifestyle digest that connects your business with our readers.

Locals love their own business and lifestyle magazine. That’s because the businesses, organisations and people that make daily contributions to a town are what makes it so great… and there is often a lot going on that even us locals don’t know about, and that’s what we wanted to help share.

But in our neck of the woods “local” is becoming a pretty loose term, as more and more of us live, work and play far further afield than our own back door. Taupo, Rotorua and the Coastal Bay of Plenty are more connected than we realise… or care to admit? We’re neighbours, who share that cup of sugar, and good neighbours make for a great community.

That’s what henry is all about – connecting people and community.

henry looks at the bigger picture. Looks for opportunities on a bigger scale to secure long term prosperity for everyone making contributions to it.

Why ‘henry’?

henry has personal meaning to ninetyblack, and because we want this magazine to connect, we started with our own personal connection, by giving this magazine a personality, a name, someone to remember… and at ninetyblack, we’ve never met a Henry we didn’t like!

So henry is here to unite, inspire and ignite people and their imaginations. The henry team is working hard to share the best ideas, stories and advice across retail, hospitality, health/wellbeing, industry and tourism.

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Build Taupo have loved having the back cover [...] – we see this magazine everywhere we go: Cafés, doctors and even in unexpected places! This has been a great place to advertise and we have received loads of comments with people saying they have seen it.