Taupo Activity Map

Don’t get lost among your competition, stand out! If you are looking for targeted and effective map advertising to the visitor market – get on the map that’s in everybody’s hands.

The Taupo Activity Map promotes activities and attractions within the entire Taupo District to keep visitors busy. I also includes outer lying areas such as Rotorua, Waitomo and the Volcanic Loop to provide ideas for the perfect day-tripper experience. Our map directly targets and satisfies the visitor market with tailored content and placement – distributing to the Taupo & Turangi i-SITEs, on reception counters in the Taupo & Turangi accommodation network, and at various tourism operations.

Published: annually in April.

What sizes can I book?


$709 + GST

40(w) x53(h) mm


$709 + GST

53(w) x 53(h) mm