Logotype vs Logomark

April 19, 2018

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Thinking about your brand development? Need a new logo or wondering how it will fit in?

Every time our team undertakes a branding project, one of the first considerations for a logo is whether to go logotype, logomark, or both.

What are these and what do they mean?

Basically, logotype and logomark are different types of logos:


Logotype: text only

Logotype uses only text as a platform to express your business name. A great logotype is never just a simple typeface, because designers don’t just pick a font for a logotype, in most cases some or all of the characters are carefully ‘customised’, for example we space out characters, merge them, change their appearance or modify them in some way… a subtle visual message integrated in the letters, so that no one can just type it out.

This type of logo works great if you have a unique name that stands out, e.g.

Logomark: image or symbol

Logomark is the symbol used to represent a brand, often part of the logo. It’s great for a quick association to understand what your business does if the name doesn’t give it away, and to identify established companies. Once you’ve built brand equity and people get used to the symbol, they will recognise it even from a glimpse, without the wording, like these ones:

Experts in logo design

The best logos are simple, unique, memorable and meaningful, regardless of whether it’s a logotype or logomark. The type of logo you’ll need depends on your business, but most importantly, make sure you engage with our professional team of designers to help you make your business stand out.

We make sure to understand your business, goals and customers first, and have worked with clients just like you. Here are some examples of how we’ve used logotype and logomark in our logo/branding design: