Is your business using social media the way it should be? 5 tips on how to get it right.

May 17, 2019

Social media can overwhelm any business, but it’s also one of the most important channels for growing your audience and building a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Are you using social media to its full potential? Or are you not sure how it can help your business? Here’s five tips to get you on the right track:

1. Know your purpose

If you don’t know what you want to achieve from your social media channels, then you’ll never realise how well it’s performing or how it’s helping your business.

Never get a Facebook or Instagram page ‘just because’. Your plan for social media needs to have a reason for existing, so everything you do on it relates back to that original objective.

If you have a commerce business, perhaps it’s about showcasing new products, and driving website sales. Or if you have a service-based offering, it may be about building your brand as an expert, so you stay top of mind with consumers.

Know what you’re trying to achieve, otherwise using social media will be a waste of time and effort.

2. Keep it relevant

Ensure your posts are always relevant. Remember, quality beats quantity. Random and/or sporadic posts will be confusing for the end user, which has no gain for your business.

If you simply want to foster a sense of brand for your customers, decide on what you want people to think about your business. For example, our Facebook page focuses on sharing our brand personality – showcasing cool projects, and general musings from an office environment. We want people to mostly have a giggle when they see our posts, which may lead to sharing, and tagging their friends.

So understand what the ‘theme’ of your page will cover, and curate the content under that.

3. Be professional

While social media is about friendly, conversational tones, it is still about promoting your business – so consider professionally designed cover and profile images, custom tabs, a set posting strategy, and ad campaigns. Even spelling and grammar rules apply. If that’s not your forte, then get someone else to help (like us?).

If you want to put your best business foot forward, you must consider clear and concise written posts, and good quality images – otherwise you might be giving the impression that your social media page is an after-thought… and therefore you become an after-thought.

4. Focus on your audience

One of the first rules of social media is that you should aim to either entertain or educate your followers. Your posts need to have something in it for them, and not be a continual bombardment of hard selling, otherwise they will simply switch off.

5. Stay active

Social media is never ever a ‘set and forget’, even if you do schedule posts weeks in advance.

What happens if a customer or potential lead gets in contact with you about a product or a service? In today’s fast paced digital world, people generally expect replies within 24-48 hours from a business. If not, they will just move on to your competitor. So, ensure someone is responsible for the daily checking of your social media inbox and any comments that require a response.

Just so you know – we love taking care of Facebook and Instagram pages for our clients (and LinkedIn too). So if that sounds like something you need help and direction with, get in touch!