Why email newsletters are bigger and better than ever – and how to make sure yours are read

April 10, 2019

Nothing is ever ‘dead’ if you’re using it in the right way. And pretty much no one will ignore anything that is relevant or interesting to them.

Which is why email newsletters to clients, potential customers and whoever else you want to send them to, are still an extremely relevant marketing tool. And with the ability to adapt to your audience and personalise content, there are significant advantages to be had just by pressing ‘send’ on a newsletter campaign.

Building a brand

Email newsletters allow businesses to tell their brand story to those who matter most – people already engaging with them. It’s about a relationship, and keeping in touch so that you stay top of mind. It is also relatively inexpensive for the potential return you can get from it, depending on what strategic goals you have in mind.

Adding value for your reader

The first rule of newsletters – they need to add value to the lives of the person receiving it. Otherwise you’ll end up in someone’s trash bin quicker than you can say ‘but wait it’s really…’.

So whether you delight them with a funny anecdote, share a great tip, or teach them something new, your newsletter must have instant meaning and relevancy. Always consider WIIFM (‘what’s in it for me’) because that is what the reader will be thinking. I.e. Why do I want to read this? What value will I get from it?

Become a helpful friend

Automation tools have come a long way when it comes to sending out email newsletters. In fact you can set them to do a whole lot more than just send out one newsletter each month or quarter.

From welcome emails to new subscribers and/or customers, to ‘left in cart’ notifications, and product recommendations (depending on your business), there are plenty of ways to deliver value. But achieve balance; assist their purchase or engagement journey without spamming or ‘nagging’.

Also, don’t forget to inject personality into your mail outs. People respond much better to relaxed, casual, conversational content.

Segment your audience

With so many advances in the way our information is captured online, people are becoming increasingly accustomed to having services ‘personalised’ in terms of what they like or are interested in.

So no longer do you have to spam your whole subscriber list with the same content. With the right software (we use Mailchimp), you are able to get very selective with what you send to who – it’ll just be about capturing specific details when they sign up.

For example, if you’re in real estate you could ask people when they are thinking about selling or buying, and deliver different messages depending on their time frames. For those looking to sell soon, you can provide them with advice on how to get prepared to go to market. And for homeowners not thinking about moving in the near future, you could just keep them updated with property market data so they can stay informed.

Think an email newsletter is just what your business needs? We do too. And it just so happens that we can help with getting it all set up, as well as take care of the content.

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