How to Rebrand: Our Branding Fundamentals

February 16, 2015

If you’ve read our earlier blog and discovered that yes, you do need to rebrand – you might now be feeling overwhelmed by ‘how do we do this’?

You first need to engage with a creative agency with branding in their portfolio, people who understand the process, have the talent in behind them to pull this off for you – how about a company who have been successful in executing their own rebrand? Like ninetyblack.

At ninetyblack, our design work is guided by marketing principles – to ensure that what we create doesn’t just look good, it has to work, be remembered and translate to your target market… evoke some kind of emotion or action. Our brand work is guided by this along with 6 important steps on how to get it right – our branding fundamentals;

  1. Research
    Know your market, competition, and the business itself – performance, strengths/weaknesses, values, philosophy, goals.
  2. Differentiation
    A successful brand stands for something unique in the mind of the consumer.
  3. Simplicity
    People’s attention span is shrinking. Brands have about 10 seconds to make a first good impression. That’s why the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle is highly effective and recommended.
  4. Visual Appeal
    Aesthetics plays an important role in a purchase decision.
  5. Consistency
    The same consistent brand message has to be repeated over and over in order for it to be understood.
  6. Implementation
    Have a strategy. No matter your budget, talk to a brand and marketing professional who can guide you towards the best solutions for getting your brand in front of the right target market.

So are you ready? Contact us.

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