5 things you need to understand before starting a new website

February 21, 2018

You’ve decided your business needs a new website, but do you know where to next? Or what it takes?

We at ninetyblack have had many years of experience in dealing with new website clients, so we know the questions you may have and what you can do to make the right start. And to help make it a little easier for you, we’ve put together a small guide with things you might want to think about when you sign up.

Know what you want from your site.

Do you want to show people that you exist? Make money online by selling products? Or inform people about a specific topic? What is it you specifically want to achieve?

If you have your key questions answered, you’ll have a much clearer idea of what you want to accomplish and what you want your site visitors to do, which helps us when it comes to putting it all together.

It takes longer than you think.

Websites take time. Why? Because it involves hours and hours of setting up, coding, design, admin, content management, and managing lots of tiny details. The bigger the website, the more time it will take. And not just development time, client inaction takes waiting time too, things like waiting for content, images and sign off also slow down any project. Try and eliminate that by having everything ready right at the beginning.

Don’t cut corners. You get what you pay for.

There are so many aspects that go into making a website, and dropping any part just to save cost may cause harm in the long term. There are the essentials such as design and content, but think about SEO – how will potential customers find you, marketing – do you need newsletters or digital campaigns to reach that audience, and planning ahead – adding those future additions now will save you time and money by integrating it into what’s being developed, rather than adding a whole new feature later on.

Think about your visitors at every step.

Know who you are targeting right at the beginning, because this will shape everything from design and usability to content and SEO.
What are your customers likely to search for in Google? What information will they look for on your site? Make everything as easy to find as possible. We understand that you want to look different and sound fancy, but people will search for the most basic terms related to your services.

Your website is a living, breathing, marketing machine. Look after it.

Technology is changing and so is your target market. Which means your website will need ongoing maintenance, marketing and advertising to keep itself running and to adapt to this changing environment. If you see activity slowing down, think about running a Google AdWords or Facebook campaign to reach a larger audience. If you’ve expanded your service, make sure your website content and SEO reflects that, it’s the only way people will find out.

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