get your own marketing manager for promotional material in any industry

we excel at creative stuff like brochure design, advertising campaigns, poster design, signage, annual report design & merchandise.

Our marketing managers design marketing material to be seen and remembered!

Be bold, clever and direct. When it comes to poster design, brochure design and any other merchandise you can think of to brand and promote your company, ninetyblack know that it’s not just about great graphic design. Promotional design and merchandise have to grab people’s attention and make a statement. Your campaign has to speak to your target market and burn your brand into their memory.

Our team of graphic designers know exactly what goes into creating effective marketing communications, whether it’s through brochure design, down the side of a vehicle, with poster design, or online. We have a keen eye and understanding of what is going to work in your promotional material. From colours and use of branding right through to effective calls to action and message positioning based on your main distribution channels and target markets – ninetyblack have it under control. Count on our team to design and manage every facet of your promotional collateral and campaigns.

Brochure Design

It’s our job to make you look good! A diverse team and unique location make us the ones to pick as your marketing manager for brochure design in the tourism industry. We focus on calls to action, message positioning and point of difference. We’ve also produced some slick-looking brochures and reports for the corporate world – so have no fear, we tailor our style to suit the client and choose the right designer for the industry – we’re no one-trick pony.


Annual Report Design

Professional annual report design with creative flair to impress your trustees and shareholders. Invest in your message whether your business and budget are large or small. A marketing manager can help you showcase the most important feats with impacting visual spreads, dynamic use of photography and cleverly thought-out print finishes – we even know how to make those financial statements look good. Confidentiality assured.



It comes in all shapes. And we know the shapes you need. We do vehicle signage, building signage concepts, banners, flags, office signage (inside and out). Your staff are signage opportunities too – moving billboards wherever they go, so if you need design for uniforms, we work closely with all types of signwriters and screenprinters and can print-manage on your behalf – so you can keep busy doing what you do.