So here’s the thing… newsletters ARE still worth it

June 21, 2016

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We get bombarded with them every day, and you can spot a habitual online shopper by looking at their inbox. You inadvertently sign up to a mailing list while working your way through a checkout and now you get dirty sales tactics rammed down your throat. But it is not all bad news. Newsletters can still be an effective way of marketing your business – if it’s done right. Here are a few tips to get the best out of your newsletter…

They are compatible with other tools

It’s 2016 and if you hadn’t noticed social media is ruling the world. Your relationship is not even official until your status is updated on Facebook. Try to find a business online who doesn’t also have a Facebook business account. I have to admit I don’t like social media, in fact I stopped using it because I was sick of baby photos and seeing what everyone is eating for dinner (seriously – I don’t care!). But I am part of a very small minority. The great thing about social media is the engagement. People can like and comment and this engagement gives you important feedback. You just don’t get this with a newsletter – it is very one way (no one uses that forward button by the way).  So make newsletters part of your social media strategy, your newsletter content should align and complement.

Don’t be too shy to give away information

You’re in business because your clients have problems that, with your knowledge and products can be solved. Don’t be so focused on making quick sales through your newsletters, give away some rich information that can help or teach your customers. It could be ways to use your product they may not have thought of, or highlighting a common problem that can easily be fixed.

The subject line matters A LOT

No other thing, apart from having a history of great newsletters, is going to get your customers to open your newsletter apart from the subject line. Statistically 6 – 10 words is where you need to be – too long and it gets cut off anyway. Everyone has their own style but if you can stick to the word count, you are in with a chance of being read instead of being deleted.

Clicking SEND is not the end of it

Look at the analytics – most, if not all, services offer this. See what has been clicked on and by who. Use this information to your own advantage. If you really want to make a sale, follow up with those who you know have read it – that’s a lead that’s already warm. Or post something on social media that is in relation to the most clicked link.  If your latest newsletter resulted in a lot of unsubscribes, it didn’t work – change your approach.

Send on a Thursday – happy days

I don’t know why it works better, but mid-morning on a Thursday works. Don’t believe me? Ask Google, Thursday’s a winner. Can’t get it out on a Thursday? Tuesdays also show high open rates. Whatever you do, if you’re B2B, NEVER send a newsletter on a Friday, especially on a long weekend…. because no one is home.


So what’s the deal here?

Newsletters still work, so email like a boss, stick to the rules and use the information that is available to you after you send.