DIY Google Ads

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DIY Google Ads

Step by step instruction on how to set up and deploy your Google Ads campaign.

Work one-on-one with our digital marketing strategist who will show you;

  1. Campaign Setup;
    1. how to set up your account (if applicable)
    2. how to create your ads
    3. how to conduct keyword research
    4. how to set your audience, budget, remarketing, goals, conversions
  2. One Month follow up;
    1. How to navigate your dashboard, quick lesson on key terms and metrics
    2. How to understand your campaign results and insights

This is covered in 2 sessions.

The length of time for the first session is dependent on the size of the campaign you want to launch. A preliminary 30-45 minute session with our digital marketing expert is required to establish this and prepare content for the session.


  • Up to 4 ad groups: $1,090+gst
  • Up to 8 ad groups: $1,465+gst (can include display, shopping and remarketing ads)
  • Up to 12 ad groups: $1,780+gst (can include display, shopping and dynamic remarketing ads)

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