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After 18 years away in Canada, Anne has moved back to Taupo and with extensive experience behind her, she is here for customer care and turning our chaos into order – managing the front of house and all office administration.

She is the friendly voice at the end of the phone, taking your messages and making sure you’re looked after. If you are one of our publishing clients, Anne will take care of your booking throughout the sales, design and publication process… and if you don’t pay your bill on time, that’s just one more opportunity to speak with her!

Away from her desk, Anne’s passion is the outdoors and everything about it. When not at work you’ll find her playing outside on horses or bikes, on, or by the lake, and generally enjoying all Taupo has to offer.


countries visited


trans-pacific flights


amazing sisters


waterproof jackets


trips to NYC


birthday cakes in 1 year

  • Little Known Fact

    anne is solar powered

  • Guilty Pleasure

    outdoor gear, popcorn and a dry rosé