Senior Designer

David, Graphic Design, ninetyblack
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David is our Senior Graphic Designer, looking after our diverse client base with his many years of experience in the domain of brand, campaign and exhibition design.

In-keeping with our multi-cultural team, David adds further diversity being from Zimbabwe, but having lived in New Zealand for a very long time. He is well travelled, well versed and experienced in all areas of print design, and we are very lucky to have him part of the design team.

David loves exploring the New Zealand countryside. He has travelled and worked extensively throughout the country and is constantly amazed at how stunning it is. Having done a lot of off-roading in Africa, he would like to buy a 4×4 and find some local fishing spots.


different homes


near (poisonous) snake bites


golf shots on a good day


best snooker break


ambulance rides


kilometres in 1 day

  • Passion

    Doing what I can to help prevent the extinction of any more endangered species

  • Obsession

    Listening to loud rock music and teaching people to play pool