Digital Marketing Coordinator

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Georgia has youth on her side and social media in her DNA.

As our Digital Marketing Coordinator she looks after social media management for our clients, including content creation, strategy and scheduling across multiple platforms. She is here to drive engagement and create effective communications for your brand on a digital scale, along with ramp up business returns and enquiries through Google Ads, making sense of your analytics and delivering ROI.

Even when she’s not at work, Georgia doesn’t stop and has no concept of ‘spare time’. Whether it’s boating, fishing, travelling, having friends ‘round for cocktails or general adventuring, she’s always up to something! She loves all things outdoors but is equally happy by the fire with a glass of wine – as long as it’s in good company!!


houses lived in


pet fish


coffees needed per day


countries visited


flights in AKL


house plants

  • Little Known Fact

    Will cry at the sight of puppies

  • Guilty Pleasure

    Borderline obsessed with folding clothes