Senior Designer + Business Development

GJ, Graphic Design, ninetyblack
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Meet the other Jo – fondly known as German Jo or GJ – for distinctions sake

With experience beyond his years GJ is the one you can count on to turn nothing into something. With a real passion for graphic design, creativity is something he will never run out of and he’s always keen to go beyond expectations for his clients, so whatever you need – give him a call.

Whether designing, sketching, filming, cooking or playing music – GJ loves creating things from scratch. To recharge the batteries he likes to go for a run, swim in the lake, travel the world or simply enjoy a cold beer and a barbecue.


countries visited


coffees per week


years without a hairdresser


instruments played


Mac destroyed by coffee


marathon run

  • Secret Talent

    Can do magic card tricks!

  • Little Know Fact

    When he counts, his mind switches back to German.

GJ, Graphic Design, ninetyblack
GJ, Graphic Design, ninetyblack
GJ, Graphic Design, ninetyblack