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Kim, Advertising & Publishing, ninetyblack
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Kim is here to turn our chaos into order and manages front of house, office & administration.

She is the friendly voice at the end of the phone, taking your messages and making sure you’re looked after. If you are one of our advertising clients, Kim will make sure you’re looked after throughout the sales & publication process… and if you don’t pay your bill, you’ll probably hear from her too!

Away from the desk and phone, Kim enjoys visiting Saturday farmers markets and finding new trails around Taupo to walk her dog. Winter is her favourite season, an ideal evening is spent with family in front of the fire… with a glass of cider and a cheeseboard.


legged best friend


bottle perfume collection


star constellation owned


changes to university major


feijoas eaten every season


tattoo obsession

  • Guilty Pleasure


  • Little Known Fact

    Can loudly click her jaw on command.

Kim, Advertising & Publishing, ninetyblack
Kim, Advertising & Publishing, ninetyblack
Kim, Advertising & Publishing, ninetyblack
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