Graphic Designer

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Joining us from Rotovegas, Mikaela’s design background is a mix of brand, signage and print – with a keenness to dive into the word of digital design.

She has always had a passion for art and design, and in her spare time enjoys creative pursuits including painting. She throws her heart and soul into all her design projects, which we hope our clients enjoy when working with her.

Mikaela describes herself as a “subtle, sophisticated petrolhead”! She’s an early riser who loves the outdoors, hiking, and camping with her border collie, Dixie. She loves fine dining and has just started up piano lessons – so she keeps her plate full!



arrived in NZ


years when I started design


cremated workplace


fluffy dog


red stars in piano theory workbook!


bed cushions & counting!

  • Pet Peeves

    Conversations in walkways, crunchy towels, brushing teeth in the shower, jar sauce

  • Quirk

    Constant leg jiggling

  • Hobby

    Miniature doll houses