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Steve is the face behind the wheel of the ninetyblack van!

Managing our distribution service, Steve is passionate about being out and about promoting all there is to see and do in Taupo, Rotorua and Bay of Plenty. If you’re a client on our Taupo brochure service, Steve will make sure your brochure is out on all the racks and that you’re topped up with plenty of stock.

Steve started his work life with Air NZ where after 23 years, he decided to make the switch into retail; selling travel instead of supplying it! His wife (Julie) and two kids moved to beautiful Great Lake Taupo in 2006 where he could fulfil his passion for triathalons. Steve and Julie also own YOU Travel Taupo.

When he’s not working, he’s golfing (including Speed Golf), mountain biking somewhere in the hills, or going for a jog before work at the break of dawn. He enjoys skiing on a good day too.


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out of 10 for my very understanding wife

  • Passion

    Skiing, Golf and Cycling - all with a nice cold beer at the end

  • Tidbit

    I once ate a Cobra snake as part of an Amazing Race challenge in Bali