Rotorua Activity Map

This map promotes activities and attractions in Rotorua City, the wider Lakes District, and outer lying areas such as Taupo, Waitomo and Whakatane to provide ideas for the perfect day-tripper experience.

Our map directly targets and satisfies the visitor market with tailored content and placement – distributing throughout the Rotorua and Taupo accommodation network and at various tourism operations.

Published: annually in July.

What sizes can I book?

Rotorua City

$829.00 + GST

47(w) x47(h) mm

Lakes & Region

$779.00 + GST

47(w) x47(h) mm

City Premium*

$929.00 + GST

47(w) x70(h) mm *only 2 spots available

Back Cover

$2,549.00 + GST

99(w) x 210(h) mm