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Taupo Brochure Distribution Service

Direct marketing of your brochure into the local Taupo accommodation network

ninetyblack ensures all its publications are distributed to the right places. We partner with Visitor Point warehousing to get products nationwide through the i-SITE network, and we manage distribution circuits in the Bay of Plenty, Whakatane, Rotorua, Taupo and Turangi to ensure everything we print is delivered and maintained year-round.

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Do you own a business and want it promoted throughout the Taupo accommodation circuit?

ninetyblack own the local brochure service. We keep the brochure racks topped up with client brochures in approx. 82 locations – a combination of accommodators and tourist operators, including the Taupo i-SITE.

How does it work?

The brochure service works on a rental system for each brochure pocket. You pay a monthly fee for your brochure pocket and provide the brochures, we keep it fully stocked.

There is no fixed term – you can quit at any time, giving one months’ notice. Payment is monthly by direct debit (1st of the month) or you can pay annually in advance.

What does the Gold Service cost me?

The Gold Service is a dedicated pocket on every rack, it costs $99+gst per month.

How do I get on the service?

Spaces are limited unfortunately. To get on the brochure service you need to register your details with us and join the waiting list. To maintain a balanced representation on our racks, the waiting list is divided up into business categories. Call us to find out more: 0800 90 25 22.

How many brochures will I need to supply?

To start, we need an initial supply of 2500-3000 brochures and clients. We can expect to consume 6000-8000 per year on the service.

What’s the Silver Service?

The Silver Service is a reduced monthly rate and we estimate coverage in our racks of approx. 60-70%. The purpose of the Fillers is to fill pockets when other full-time clients are low in stock and to also supplement our bigger racks. Most of our racks hold 80 pockets and the balance hold 78 or 75. Because of this we only have 75 Gold Service clients and the gaps are filled by our Silver Service clients – their brochures are also put on reception side tables where we are permitted.

Silver Service: $69+gst per month.

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“Get on the brochure service waiting list so that when a space becomes available, you’re the first one we call.”

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"We have worked with ninetyblack since 2013 and they have consistently delivered great publications for Destination Rotorua."