The Rotorua Magazine

Destination Rotorua’s Famously Rotorua magazine is marketed to Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch residential homes via the Herald, Dominion and the Press respectively.

Produced bi-annually, you can feature in the Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer edition – this has been geared to promote the shoulder seasons for Rotorua tourism, hospitality and services. This product is effective direct marketing whether you’re after business from the short-term holidaymakers or those who decide to make Rotorua their home.

Rotorua Tourism Investment Partners receive 10% off their booking and priority placement in the magazine.

Businesses have the option to book a Full, Half or Quarter (templated) advertorial, or opt for a Full, Half or Quarter display advert. Domestic campaign research has shown a reader preference for Advertorial style adverts.

Published: 2 weeks before Term 2 and Term 4 School Holidays.

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What sizes can I book?


$1499 + GST

180mm (w) x 250mm (h)


$749 + GST

180mm (w) x 124mm (h)


$375 + GST

89mm (w) x 124mm (h)