The Rotorua Magazine

RotoruaNZ’s ‘Rotorua Magazine’ is marketed directly to Auckland and Wellington homes via insertion through The NZ Herald and The Dominion Post.

Produced bi-annually, you can feature in the Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer editions – this has been geared to promote the shoulder seasons for Rotorua tourism, hospitality and services. This product is an effective direct marketing tool to reach our two largest source markets for domestic visitors.

Businesses have the option to book a Double, Full, Half or Quarter page (templated) advertorial, or opt for a Full, Half or Quarter page display advert.
Domestic campaign research has shown a reader preference for Advertorial style adverts.

Published: approx. 2 weeks before Term 2 and Term 4 School Holidays.

Famously Rotorua
What sizes can I book?


$3680 + GST

370mm (w) x 250mm (h)


$1840 + GST

180mm (w) x 250mm (h)


$920 + GST

180mm (w) x 124mm (h)


$460 + GST

89mm (w) x 124mm (h)