Brightening PURE’s Brand Identity

PURE has an excellent reputation across New Zealand, delivering innovative LED lighting solutions paired with excellent service. They needed a way to distinguish themselves from the hot competition…

In a sea of green and yellow packaging, Pure LED, now known as PURE, were determined to stand out and transform their logo and branding into something that matched their excellent quality and service.

In 2021, ninetyblack collaborated with PURE on a rebrand, including a new logo, stationery refresh, vehicle branding and new catalog designs.

PURE Lighting, Logo Design, Graphic Design, ninetyblack


With a renewed focus on innovation, the new branding is crisp, clean and modern, holding true to PURE’s kiwi roots while the company looks to enter a new era of expansion.

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The Elements


The bold choice to use Magenta stands out on the shelf from other lighting packaging. It also signifies harmony and balance: elements that are also important in choosing the right lighting for your space.


The subtle koru-inspired elements weave through the PURE logo, a reminder of their kiwi beginnings, and symbolising rebirth.


The new tagline, Innovation For Life, enables PURE to move beyond just lighting – plans include smart home technology and heating and cooling solutions. The new sub-logo featured on the vehicle branding, inspired by various types of wave icons, includes nods to heat, smart tech, light and cooling.

Pure Logo Rebrand, Design, Graphic Design, Ninetyblack
Pure, Logo Design, Graphic Design, ninetyblack
PURE Lighting Catalog, Rebranding, Graphic Design, Ninetyblack

ninetyblack were professional & easy to work with. They were open to our changing thoughts and made the whole process enjoyable. Communication was free-flowing & they presented all ideas with informative slides. Their team went above and beyond and we absolutely love our new company logo & branding. We will be using them again in the future.

Branding & Visual Identity

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