We design websites that work.

Creative website design & development

With a digital-first approach to web design, our aim is to deliver online solutions that are functional, sustainable and have a purpose.

We think about your long-term needs, creating an extension of your business online. ninetyblack has a team of experienced digital professionals with full in-house development capability – front and back end, content management, website design, and integrated marketing campaigns.

In the end we give you a website that is:

  • unique to your business
  • user-friendly
  • responsive
  • found
  • has a purpose
  • works.


Everything we do online is responsive, meaning it will work across all devices, from desktop to smartphone. Mobile internet usage now exceeds desktop almost everywhere, so your website needs to be able to adapt and function on any device to provide the optimal viewing experience.

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Website Design & Development, Digital Marketing, ninetyblack

Your online store made easy

Our eCommerce systems are moulded into your business processes, for a seamless online shopping experience. We know payment gateways, POS integrations, and everything in between to make eCommerce work.

ninetyblack uses robust platforms like Woocommerce and Shopify for building your online store.

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  • CRM
  • Payment Processing
  • POS Integrations
  • Order & Inventory Management
  • Secure Checkout
  • Product Merchandising


With ninetyblack hosting your website, we minimise downtime, keep security patches up to date, and have an enterprise backup process to protect your data.

Our monthly hosting rate includes the storage of your website files on the web server, backing these up, and recovery of the files after an incident such as hacking. Ultimately, we give you peace of mind. Let us worry about the implications of hosting a website.

Standard hosting vs dedicated hosting

We’ll give you the hosting option that best suits your site.

With a standard hosting package, there are other sites that are hosted on the server along with your website, giving you limited space but lower costs. A dedicated hosting plan means that your website is the only site hosted on the server, with unlimited space, low security risk and more control but at a higher cost.

We’ll give you the one that suits the mission best, i.e. if your site needs a lot of ‘horse power’, you’ll get dedicated hosting, whereas a simple site works just as well on standard hosting.

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Analytics & Reporting

We know how to read analytics and can help you discover valuable insights from huge volumes of data. Every month we give you easy-to-read reports that show you how well your website is performing.

We can tell you more than just how many people visit your site, with properly configured conversion tracking, we’ll tell you exactly which digital marketing channels are working and what people do on your site.

"The ninetyblack team were, and are, fantastic to deal with all aspects of our website from the beginning through to tweaking every last detail (and we loooove attention to detail!). The integration of the website with Rezdy was seamless and blows most other live booking website systems out of the water! We have a custom integration which Matt suggested and set up, which allows our customers to not only stay completely integrated within our site throughout the booking process, but also allows us to display our booking options in the best possible way for our style of product! Cheers to Matt and the ninetyblack team!"

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