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Do you wish you could get better performance out of your ecommerce site?

Are your online sales being left behind in a competitive market? If you sell products without having a well-optimised and managed online store, it can be all too easy to watch your position and results slip.

37.5% of all traffic to ecommerce sites comes from search engines, while 23.6% of ecommerce orders come directly from organic traffic. Ecommerce websites can be large, complex and dynamic. This presents challenges to keep your business at the top of the search listings and keep those valuable orders rolling in.

That’s where ninetyblack can help. We’re a dedicated digital agency doing things differently here in New Zealand to help our ecommerce clients dominate their markets. Whether you built your ecommerce site with us or you want to improve your existing one, we have tailored strategies to get results. From one-off site audits to ongoing SEO packages, leave the ecommerce SEO to us and get back to providing an amazing online shopping experience.

Ecommerce Site Architecture

Giving your site a simple and scalable structure is crucial. It needs to be easy for your users to find what they need, and for search engines to understand your site. Ecommerce sites often have complex architectures due to a wide array of products, pages and categories. We’re experts in creating flat, scalable site structures – whether you’re starting from scratch or overhauling an existing website.

Site Speed & Mobile Optimisation

Don’t let your ecommerce websites slow down with un-optimised product images and overly complex functionalities. Site speed is a crucial ranking factor, and as an SEO agency we use varied techniques to increase your site’s speed. And with the majority of shopping now done on mobile devices, we will ensure your site stays mobile-friendly and responsive. Not only is this critical for user experience, but it’s also a significant ranking factor for search engines like Google.

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Product Description & Keyword Improvements

Creating unique, keyword-rich descriptions for every single product is challenging, especially when selling products also available on other websites. These need to be managed and optimised to avoid problems with duplicate content. As part of an effective SEO strategy and keyword research, we will create high-quality product descriptions to boost your visibility.

Dynamic Inventory Management

Ecommerce websites are living, changing things. Every day, you might be adding, discontinuing, or updating products, resulting in frequently changing pages. Problems with broken links, 404 errors, and outdated content can all negatively impact your SEO performance. We have top notch technical processes to manage this dynamic nature.

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User Experience (UX) Optimisation

In line with Google’s latest updates, we emphasize enhancing the user experience. From ensuring quick load times to creating an intuitive navigation structure, we focus on providing a seamless user experience. Ultimately, this will positively impact your website’s SEO.

Customer Reviews

Reviews play a vital role in improving your ecommerce website’s visibility. Having glowing customer reviews will help you attract more quality business. From responding to Google Business reviews to implementing product review plugins, ninetyblack cover a suite of options for gaining those valuable 5-star reviews.

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Competitor Strategy

We are sure you know: the ecommerce industry is highly competitive. Without a thorough understanding of your competitive landscape, it’s tough to make headway. We’ll perform an extensive competitive analysis to create a strategy that will get you ahead.

E-commerce SEO Tools & Analytics

We leverage advanced industry-leading SEO tools and Google Analytics 4 to track and monitor your site’s performance. Regular reporting will keep you informed about the progress we’re making toward your business goals and the results we’re achieving.

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